Easy Grocery Shopping

Jul 09

George, the Shuttle Driver

So I needed a few groceries but I didn’t want to  fight for a parking place down at the Wilkens Plaza Giant. So I waited at the front of my building for the Giant shuttle that runs every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9:30 – 11:30. I bought my old Winn-Dixie bags and off I went at 10:40 am.  Now I have to get used to a new store and where are things but Giant makes it easier with a big digital sign hanging over  the main aisle listing the food item and aisle number. They also provide sheets by the main entrance filling the item and aisle number. I was back outside for a waiting shuttle by 11:10 am. The St. Charles was the first stop coming back on campus. George was the shuttle driver today. He takes your bags and leaves them inside the front door so you don’t have to struggle with grocery bags as you get off.

Since we don’t have to buy as many groceries (I wonder if we will ever use half the kitchen stuff we moved) I won’t have to load up with lots of groceries each week.

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