Another hot day!

May 25

Here we seat in our warm home with the air conditioner turned off. We called Bernie at Comfort Air to report that the temperature is rising steadily although the fan is running. After he had Dan go out to see  if the outside unit was turning, (it wasn’t) he had me turn off the air conditioner to stop any further damage. He is on his way from his current job. We have a service contract with Comfort Air and we know Bernie and his parents from church so it is so nice to have that relationship.

Our house is for sale so getting the AC fixed is a top priority. As I wait for the repair, I was remembering the days growing up without air conditioning. As the day progressed the hot sticky feeling would not leave. We  ran through the lawn sprinkler to cool off and were rewarded with home made Popsicles made from Kool Aid. We slept with the windows open hoping to catch a breeze in the still air. There were no performance fabrics to wick away moisture in those days.


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