Another TransAtlantic Cruise

Dec 26

Ann and DanWe enjoyed a 29-day cruise on the small Pacific Princess from November 23 to December 22. We had two days in Venice Italy before getting on the ship. The back-to-back cruise started in Venice with stops in Croatia, Greek islands, Italy, and ending in the port near Rome. We stayed on the ship to continue to Spain, Tenerife  in the Canary Islands before the eight day crossing to Fort Lauderdale.

Our winter coats, hats, and gloves were exchanged for short sleeves and flip flops as we headed west.

As we cruised back to Fort Lauderdale, I have had time to reflect on why we cruise.

  • To get away from my responsibilities
  • To see new places
  • To eat different foods
  • To experience life in a different county
  • To be pampered — bed made and then turned down
  • To have clean towels daily
  • To meet new people
  • To shop on the ship (port t-shirt for $4.99)
  • To enjoy live entertainment every night
  • To read hour after hour
  • To dress up a few nights each cruise.

I am a bit overcommitted so I like the getaway aspect of cruising. It is interesting to talk to people that cruise a lot and by a lot, I am talking about over 300 plus cruise days. There were 230 Elite passengers out of the  640 passengers on board. That means they cruised 151 days or more on Princess ships.

We met a couple that is going on the Pacific Princess World Cruise for 111 days starting January 4. As he says, it’s better than sitting home watching TV or doing puzzles. This is after returning from the current 29-day cruise.

There is another couple on board with 1636 cruise days. Princess offers 250 Internet minutes per person after 51 cruise days and free laundry after 151 cruise days. Dan and I will get our Internet minutes on our next Princess cruise. We managed to go up three levels after two back to back cruises.


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