It’s Outdated!

Jul 19

I watch entirely too much HGTV. It seems every house is “outdated” in some way. Homes that were perfectly good for us now need granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, hardwood floors, space for a “man cave,” and at least two sinks in the master bath.

Web websites need redecorating too. Have you noticed the websites of your bank or shopping site has changed over the years? So has my website. I have tried many different themes over the years. I don’t get enough traffic for people to notice. At least they are kind enough not to notice or mention it.

So in my quest of “redecorating,” I have tried a new theme, Divi, that allows me to build the site visually and has “drop and drag” abilities. It promises me that I don’t need to know programming code. My site is a work in progress as I experience with the new theme. Thank heaven my livelihood is not dependent on this site.

Why go to all this work you ask? It’s my hobby. It helps that both the and the site use the Divi theme. I work on both as a volunteer webmaster. It is easier to be using the same framework working on WordPress websites.

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Who Represents Us?

Jul 12

Who looks after the interests of residents living in CCRCs. How about other residents. The Maryland Continuing Care Residents Association  (MaCCRA) is the statewide group of CCRC residents formed into chapters. Right now there are 17 chapters in Maryland CCRCs with many individual members in other communities. I am in the process of recruiting members to form a Charlestown chapter. Why is that important? For the simple reason that our voices need to be heard by legislators and public officials. MaCCRA is the only organization that is solely dedicated to protecting and advancing the interests of CCRC residents. Please check out the website and download a membership form if you are interested.

NaCCRA is the national association advocating for residents throughout the country. I got involved. I hope you do too.

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Five Year Anniversary

Jun 28

It is hard to believe that five years ago we moved to Charlestown Retirement Community in Catonsville, MD. The move from Warner Robins, GA was smooth. Here is what I wrote in a blog post five years ago.

Where does the time go? Here we are heading to a six week mark on the calendar since we moved in. Life is good. The adjustment has been easy for both of us. It has surprised me how fast I got used to having a nice meal every night. We have sampled all the dining venues. We go to the Refectory for dinner before or after Mass, we head to the Chesapeake if we attend the movies in the Conference Center, and we go to the Atrium in our building the rest of the time. It is potluck when dining, you never know who will seat at your table. Sometimes it is a four top, sometimes a five top or even a seven top. We have some good times around the dining table as we get to know other residents. We don’t hear many complaints about life here from our table mates.

Life continues to be good. We are very blessed to be able to afford this lifestyle. We are both involved with things we enjoy doing. Dan has found his niche doing what he likes to do and I am busy with a variety of projects involving my techie skills. We don’t have to leave the campus to do what we like to do. We are spoiled with the on-campus services including the bank, pharmacy, library, video library, chapel, medical center, shuttle service and the list goes on.

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Sea Days

Jun 24

Sea Days

Non cruisers keep asking me, “What do you do on the sea days?” Not much! That is the beauty of cruising when there are many days in a row with no ports. I like to sleep late, read, explore the ship, try new venues, go to the afternoon movies, walk outside if it is warm enough, and just relax with the only schedule of getting to meals on time. The gallery of photos are from the days at sea and give you a glimpse of the ship venues.

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Jun 10

This was our first time in Bermuda. Although we took a van to Hamilton, we didn’t spend much time in the city. We did go to the Cathedral for Palm Sunday Mass. The Bishop presided. We walked through town with all the closed shops as we found our way to the ferry. We had discarded that option on arrival but discovered it was the fastest way to get back to the West End. It was cheaper than the van also.

It seems like everyone had stopped at the little cafe near the ferry terminal. We were able to get a cold drink and a snack before boarding.

The Royal Naval Dockyard Museum was a possibility but the shopping was not something we were interested in so we headed back to the ship.

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