Bare Bulb Coffee

Mar 14

Everyone needs to have a hangout. Some have a favorite bar, restaurant or coffee shop. The locally owned coffee shops closed over the past two years so I had no place to go. Starbucks doesn’t do it for me. Besides, it was too far away. But with the new Bare Bulb Cafe I have found a great place to go for food, fair trade coffee drinks and lots of activity.
Their website says,
“The idea behind Bare Bulb Coffee is simple: Why not use a business to do something good in the world? So we created Bare Bulb Coffee… a company dedicated to doing the right thing for our customers, for our suppliers, and for the world. Our goal is to create a space for people to gather – to hang out – to have a great cup of coffee – and maybe even to have their souls nourished – by conversation with a friend, through the arts and music, by becoming a part of the community, by giving back to the world.To ensure that everything we do is focused on people and not on profits, we are organized as a 501c3 not-for-profit organization.”
So now Dan and I go for lunch, for trivia night, and sometimes for dessert and coffee after being out and about. I go to the book club and Girls Gone Good nights also. The place has great energy and the staff and volunteers are friendly and interested in trying new things with their food, drink and programs.

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