Cabin in the Woods

May 18

living room


Cabin deck Years ago, 42, in fact, a cabin in the woods was built nine miles south of Berkeley Springs, WV. All these years laters, it is still in the Boyle family. Dan and his former wife, Elaine, built it as their weekend “get-away” to enjoy with their young daughters.

The grown daughters are now in charge of the upkeep and maintenance of the very functional and livable three bedrooms, one bath cabin. We enjoyed a weekend over Mother’s Day with daughter, Kristin for part of the time. We don’t rough it in the woods unless you call the intermittent cell phone service roughing it.

The 40-year-old development is wearing well. Vacation homes are on 2-5 acre lots, so you feel close to nature. We stop for drinking water at the historic Berkeley Springs Gentlemen’s Springs. Although the cabin has a well that is drinkable, getting water from the springs has been a long-standing tradition. We were prepared with some containers, so we stopped before driving out of town.

Dan and I were on our own the first night. We listened to music and read unwinding after our “hectic” life at Charlestown. Kristin arrived to take us to dinner at Tari’s in Berkeley Springs on Mother’s Day. We drove around nearby Cacapon Resort State Park. The evening ended with us gazing at the stars through a canopy of leaves and clouds. It has been a very long time since I have seen stars without the light pollution of a big city.

Kristin made breakfast before we had to leave so I could get back for a 2 pm meeting. Nature is very restorative. The drive through the park, the walk in the woods, and the quiet of the evening and the stars made it a very memorable weekend. The photos were taken by Brenda K. Boyle on one of her trips to the cabin.

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