Charlestown Apple Users

Jun 25

I missed my involvement in an Apple User Group so I figure why not start an Apple User Group here at Charlestown. I love all things Apple and I have been getting requests from folks to help them. I have been mentioning I use an iPad and iMac and the frustration comes out.

“I got a new iPad for Christmas, but I don’t know how to use it.” “I can’t get my email set up on my new MacBook.”

It was an easy process to get it going. Mary Evans, the Community Resources Manager gave us the go ahead. we got the Card Room in the new Charlestown Square building to use for the meeting. There is a big flat screen TV that I hook the iPad or MacBook to using a HDMI cable. So far we have had meetings for the iPad one month and Macs the next month. I am going to take July and August off as many other groups do also. It didn’t take long for 50 meeting to sign up for the new user group. We are officially registered with Apple as a User Group. There is a closed Google Group message board and a Website. The official name is the Apple Charlestown User Group or CHUG.

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