iPad Arrived

Apr 16

I am probably one of the few over 65 folks pre-ordering an iPad. I tracked that shipment all the way from China and it arrived right when the UPS said it would on April 12.  Since I had to sign for it, I waited anxiously looking out the window all morning. The big brown truck pulled in front of my house about 1:30 p.m. and 15 minutes later, I was downloading all the APPS I had downloaded into iTunes a few days earlier.

I collected APP names from various lists of “must have” applications. The balance of the day was spent “playing” until the battery hit 15% late that night. Okay, it was midnight.

This device is so cool! I watched a movie on Netflix and read a few chapters of a book using the Amazon Kindle APP.  Would you believe, it downloaded the books I have previously purchased for the iTouch Kindle App and even took me to the last page I read?

I also played games, checked Twitter and Facebook, the AP and NY Times news, and checked mail without leaving the couch. I had the TV going in the background playing the DVR shows I saved up.

Now here I am five days later with 8 screens of APPS. I have one whole screen of games, most of them free. The games from the iTouch play very nicely on the bigger screen using the 2x button to enlarge the App.

I have fun with some “show and tell” at the AAUW meeting Tuesday night. In fact, I gave the public policy report reading from the Evernote App that syncs with my desktop. No need to print it out,  I was able to enlarge the font with the the two finger swipe.

This morning, I was sitting in the recliner in the sunroom drinking my second cup of coffee  and reading the NT Times on the iPad when the phone rang. A club number was wondering if I had a phone number for another member because she couldn’t take her to the meeting tomorrow (car trouble). I did indeed, I  tapped on the home key, found CONNECT which has my Google Documents in folders and found the roster list and gave her the phone number.

I offered to take both of them to the meeting and needed directions but  I had no pad or pencil handy. I selected SketchPad HD and wrote out her address using my finger. This certainly is the wave of the future.

I am using a wooden book rack as a stand and a bubble wrap envelope as a case. I did order the Apple case which arrives next week.

i am well pleased with my iPad. I think I will sell my MacBook since I do most of my “real work” on my iMac. I had been using the MacBook for couch surfing and travel and it hasn’t been touched all week.

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