It’s Outdated!

Jul 19

I watch entirely too much HGTV. It seems every house is “outdated” in some way. Homes that were perfectly good for us now need granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, hardwood floors, space for a “man cave,” and at least two sinks in the master bath.

Web websites need redecorating too. Have you noticed the websites of your bank or shopping site has changed over the years? So has my website. I have tried many different themes over the years. I don’t get enough traffic for people to notice. At least they are kind enough not to notice or mention it.

So in my quest of “redecorating,” I have tried a new theme, Divi, that allows me to build the site visually and has “drop and drag” abilities. It promises me that I don’t need to know programming code. My site is a work in progress as I experience with the new theme. Thank heaven my livelihood is not dependent on this site.

Why go to all this work you ask? It’s my hobby. It helps that both the and the site use the Divi theme. I work on both as a volunteer webmaster. It is easier to be using the same framework working on WordPress websites.

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