Life Plan Community

Nov 04

Life Plan Community. Does that strike a cord with you? Would you be inclined to consider exploring that living option? Would you even know what it is or what it means?

LeadingAge announced the new name at their annual meeting after a two-year NameStorm effort. They would like life plan communities to replace the current continuing care retirement community moniker.

“It became clear that the name CCRC no longer did an adequate job of creating the best perception among tomorrow’s older adults,” said LeadingAge President and CEO Larry Minnix. “At the core of the decision to move to a community is having the right plan for what the next stage of life has to offer. We feel the ‘Life Plan Community’ name encompasses that very well.”

As Leading Age explains, people were having trouble with the word care and retirement. In reality, moving to a CCRC is about new adventures, ease in living, and enriched lives.

I like the name. It will be an effort to change the terminology as it is used in many state laws to describe the category. As Larry Minnix said,

They don’t have to like it, they don’t have to use it,” Minnix said. “But keep in mind, 100 years ago, our members were called widows and orphans homes, and the people in them were inmates or patients, not residents.”

All the details can be found at the Life Plan Community Website including this Name Storm – Life Plan Community video

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