Monterey Bay

Mar 20

We had a quickie trip to Monterey for the Dairy Queen Territory Operators Idea Exchange. Since the banquet was on St. Patrick’s Day, Dan’s cousin, the MT/ND Territory Operator and host for the meeting, wanted an Irish influence so she invited Dan to provide some Irish history, toasts and stories. As a self described semi-professional Irishman (he doesn’t sing or dance) Dan put on his tuxedo adding a green tie and cummerbund. I added an Irish scarf and jewelery to my ensemble.

We followed a piper at “a measured pace” from the Clement Inn on Cannery Row to the Monterey Bay Aquarium for the banquet. Since it was next door we only had to walk 500 feet. The banquet setting was spectacular! The tables were arranged in front of the 28 foot tall Kelp Forest tank in the Ocean’s Edge section of the aquarium. During the cocktail hour, we could roam the area looking at the exhibits with a docent handy for explanations and questions.

Dan did a fine job with the right mix of toasts, blessings, jokes and a few Irish words. He even managed to have a story mentioning Coke who sponsored the banquet. Thanks  to the DQ MT / ND folks, the Browns, who hosted the meeting and us. [sthumbs=544|540|542,200,3,n,center,]

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