Steam Threshers at Rollag

Sep 05

img_0772 The Western Minnesota Steam Thresher’s get together has been on Dan’s bucket list for years. This year we planned our trip so that we would be in the area over the Labor Day weekend.

I put Dan on notice that I would not be tramping through the fields to look at old tractors and threshing machines. Fortunately, Chuck Boyle, his cousin one generation removed, was planning a trip from his home in Sedona, AZ to ND to visit his son and family. So the arrangements were made for Dan to join Chuck, his wife, Michaelynn, Ethan (his son) Darlene, Ethan’s wife and their three children. Chuck rented a 9-passenger van for the hour long trip to Rollag, MN. As you can see from the photos, Dan had a great time. He came back with dusty shoes and jeans and lots of stories.


The Boyles at Rollag (Photo by Chuck Boyle)


Michaelyn, Chuck, Stephanie, Ethan, Darlene, Christine, Patrick, Dan, and Ann.

Steam thresher

Dan, Ethan, and Chuck Boyle (Photo by Chuck)


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  1. Wow, that looks pretty cool! Nice blog, Ann!

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