Settling In to Community Living

Aug 06

Dan and Ann

Where does the time go? Here we are heading to a six week mark on the calendar since we moved in. Life is good. The adjustment has been easy for both of us. It has surprised me how fast I got used to having a nice meal every night. We have sampled all the dining venues. We go to the Refectory for dinner before or after Mass, we head to the Chesapeake if we attend the movies in the Conference Center, and we go to the Atrium in our building the rest of the time. It is potluck when dining, you never know who will seat at your table. Sometimes it is a four top, sometimes a five top or even a seven top. We have some good times around the dining table as we get to know other residents. We don’t hear many complaints about life here from our table mates. We have learned to bring a sandwich bag for Friday muffin night. The blueberry muffins become our breakfast on Saturday.

I had to take the day off on Friday after entertaining family members earlier in the week. I was running around more than I did in Warner Robins. Kristin wanted to see the campus on Thursday during her visit so we hiked down to the pond in 88 degree weather and then on the nature trail to Cross Creek. We then walked back home after a tour of the Chapel and Main Street. No wonder my arthritic ankle was sore the next day.

The pictures are on the wall, the curtains are up in the bedroom and now we await the bookcase and entertainment center that will be built along the living room wall. We eagerly await the unpacking of the last boxes of books and art objects. I am filling up another bin of “stuff” that will go to the Treasure Sale. Last year the Treasure Sale netted over $174,000 that goes to the Benevolent Fund, the Library and other programs at Charlestown.



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