Too Busy

Dec 16

Time flies when I am busy so it is no surprise that I have not been making consistent entries in my blog. With my election to the Resident Council, I now have more meetings to attend. My month includes the Resident Council meeting, the Work Session, and the Communications Committee that I now chair. I also attend the website committee which is a subcommittee of Communications. The Resident Council has their own website. I was doing the monthly website email updates using Mailchimp until a few months ago. Fortunately, I found a volunteer that I taught to do it.

I also run the Apple Charlestown User Group or CHUG as it is called. I prepare and conduct the programs, send emails to the Google Groups message board, update the CHUG website and send out a monthly meeting announcement/newsletter.

I am backing out of the Steering Committee for the Fab 40s. That is the group of Charlestown residents that are born from 1940 – 1949. We hold quarterly socials and programs. The Steering Committee meets monthly. I started a website using Weebly but I found someone to take that over just last week.

The weeks fill up with meetings to the point that it is hard to get away. I am going to change the Apple CHUG meeting date so I have at least one week free of commitments a month.

On top of the above schedule, I was appointed as the chair of the Nominating and Election Committee for the Resident Council. So I don’t sit in a  recliner watching TV all day. There are many others doing as much or even more around here. If you are bored, it is your own fault.

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