Apple Watch Two Months Later

apple watchI have had my Apple Watch since May 13. As an early adopter, I know there may be an issue or two in its use. All in all, it does more things than I thought. Some of these include:

  • Directions. When I set the map app on the iPhone to find a location, I get taps on my wrist for right and left turns.
  • Control Apple TV. It is easier to swipe the watch face to do a search and select the channel or movie I want to watch.
  • Motivator: The activity app signals me to show my progress of standing and walking throughout the day. I like to see the red and blue circle close at the end of the day. I can set the calorie count I want to burn. I have a stretch goal, so I don’t always make it. I make the standing goal. Sometimes I have to get off the couch to do it.
  • Photos: The iPhone has a self-timer that works very well. Now it works even better. I set the iPhone on a flat surface, open up the camera remote app on the watch, see the image that the phone sees, and tap my wrist. Magic!
  • Weather Report: I have a metrologist on my wrist with the Dark Sky app. I get the temperate, the forecast, sunrise and sunset times, the wind, visibility, humidity, dew point, barometric pressure and UV index with two swipes.
  • Notes and Reminders: The Siri function works very well to add reminders and dictate short notes. I don’t need to carry note paper or pen anymore.

Of course, the Apple Watch has a calendar, contacts, texting and phone call features that you would expect. Several iPhone apps are available on the Apple Watch, so a tap of the Digital Crown gets me access to:

  • Evernote
  • Photos
  • Passbook for Apple Pay
  • Music
  • Twifferrific
  • Keynote
  • MyFitness Pal

WatchesI think I am the only resident that has one. I did see two other watch owners when we were in Las Vegas the same evening. One was an Apple  app developer, the other was our server when we ate after a show.

All in all, I have pleased with my purchase. By the way, it does tell time with a variety of changeable watch faces. I will match the color to the clothes I am wearing when I use the modular face.


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