What a Mess!

Aug 07

The experiment to change the theme on this website was a real mess. First, the theme didn’t work when I logged out of my WordPress account. I spend a few weeks troubleshooting with the developer. It never worked properly so I tried using a Divi builder plug-in that saved some of the design work I attempted. Then my computer started acting up. By acting up, I am talking about my MacBook Pro shutting down while I was at the keyboard. How frustrating! I finally took it to Genius Bar at the Columbia Apple Store. After running the usual tests, the hardware tests came back normal. This computer was purchased in 2013 and was made by Apple until last year. I had to leave it over the weekend so they could run more tests. Nothing else showed up and of course, the computer would not quit unexpectedly in their hands.

The final solution was to erase the hard drive and install the operating system. Thank heaven for backup. I brought my computer home with the welcome screen asking me what language I wanted to use. How about that for starting over. It took about three hours to restore my MacBook. All seems to be okay although it still shuts down at night by itself and is ready for me to log in when I arrive at my desk in the morning. There are some real advantages to work in the cloud as I was able to carry on with my iCloud account documents over the weekend.

So it is three weeks later and I am back on the website to see what I can do. Now the Divi theme is working. There may have been a software conflict somewhere on my computer that causes the problem. I may never really know.

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