Wheels and More Wheels

Aug 20

Recycle Truck

Charlestown is a big community with over 1700 folks living just in independent living. We have shuttle buses that take us around the campus and to the local stores and doctors offices. At the recent Resident Council meeting, we learned that Charlestown owns 2 ambulances, 8 service trucks, 7 pick-up trucks, 5 vans, 12 sedans/SUVs, 13 buses and our very own trash truck.

Some of the buses and vans are equipped with wheelchair lifts. The bus drivers are outstanding. They hop out of the driver’s seat to wait at the bottom of the stairs to make sure each person is safe coming off the bus. I was told I had to wait for the driver before getting off the bus. The driver has to fold up walkers, haul groceries, and assist folks as necessary to get up the steps. They are very patient and pleasant all day long. I think some of the drivers are old enough to be residents here.

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