Where We Come From

Feb 22

We are sitting in the Genealogy Archives at the Washington Memorial Library in Macon. It is our first visit after hearing about the great resources at the last meeting of the Central Georgia Genealogical Society. The building was completed in 1923 but dedicated two years later when they had enough money for the furnishings. It was expanded in 1979.

While Dan found books about Catholics in Ulster, I perused back copies of the Highlander magazine. I have been copying down Scottish genealogy blogs after reading about blogs being a good source of information. Maybe I will blog about family history as the author suggests.

We both like libraries and have been known to stop at town libraries as we travel. The genealogy archives are nice and quiet with a large collection of books. The circulation section is on the second floor with a large section devoted to computers.

It’s been a few months since I have been to our local library. I keep telling myself, no library books until I read the books I have. I dragged in 40 more books when we had the bag sale at the end of our AAUW book sale In October. How can any book lover not buy a grocery bag of books for $2.00.

I am not a very consistent blogger looking back on my entries. I have focused on the travel we do which means the months we do not travel are ignored. I spent entirely too much time updating other blogs for the organizations I am involved in. I will try and change that.

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