Will the sticky bun melt my baggie?

Apr 24

After an experience in the dining one Sunday morning, I wrote this article for our monthly newspaper, the Sunburst. I have received a positive response from everyone who commented to me.

Will the Sticky Bun Melt my Baggie?

The Atrium kitchen staff baked over 200 sticky buns for breakfast on Sunday. That is over one case more than what is needed for most Sunday mornings. Why were the sticky buns gone by 10 a.m.? Too many people were filling plastic bags with 3, 4, or 5 helpings of the hot from the oven sticky buns. If fact, one resident did ask, “Will the Sticky bun melt my baggie?”

Is it fair for diners that come later? No, the kitchen doesn’t order food enough to meet the demand of food going out in plastic sandwich bags. It’s hard to think of others when a sweet treat goes by, but we do live in community here. Save some sticky buns for the rest of us.


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