Windsor Run, Matthews, NC

Sep 12

We signed up to get on the Priority List for the new Erickson Retirement Community in Matthews, NC. Since my parents live at Charlestown in Catonsville, we are familiar with the Erickson model and philosophy. We have been thinking that a continuing care retirement community (CCRC) would be a good option for us. Keep in mind that I used to work for the association of nonprofit homes for the aging in Maryland and then for the national in Washington, D.C. I understand concepts and benefits.

With the sales center opening in April and reading reports about the number of people signing up, we decided to drive up to check it out. Lydia Hall, retirement counselor is warm and welcoming. She has a masters in gerontology from UNC, Charlotte. She answered all our questions and sent us on our way with an application for the Priority List. We drove around the area and were impressed with the number of stores in the immediate area and the historic downtown of Matthews. I did a bit of research at the town library which is on the first floor of the town hall. It is huge compared to our local library. I am excited already!
We mailed in the form and expect to have a new home in NC in about 2 years.
Ground breaking takes place later this year with the first building opening in Fall 2009. We plan on moving in Fall of 2010 when the third building is completed.

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  1. philip hastings /

    Since this couple was planning to move into the CCRC in Matthews in 2010, and at the time they wrote their comments, that would have been 2 years in the future for them, that means that if they followed their plan, that would all have been 6 years ago.

    Did they do as they planned? How do they like living there? How many people live in Matthews? Where did they move to Matthews from? I ask because I want to know if they moved from a big city like Washington, D.C. to a much smaller city/town or not and what the psychological ramifications were.

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