Although this blog started as a travel blog for both of us, it has evolved over the past eight years into my personal blog. So even though the website says BoylemacKay, it is really just Ann doing the writing. I write about technology, ageism, and “living in community” in a CCRC.

Home Base: Charlestown Retirement Community, Catonsville, MD.

Plan: Travel as long and as often as our health and money allows. Enjoy the amenities of life in a full-service community.

Interests: After working with or for older people since age 16, I now am an older person living the good life in a CCRC. After a career in long-term care services as a nurse and Association executive, I am now an older person living in a community I recruited as a member in the association I managed.

My passions really haven’t changed over the years. I still rail against injustices. I want fairness, justice, and a world free from ageism.

I am a tech savvy women who fell in love with her first Mac, a 512E in 1985. Thirty-two years later, I wear an Apple Watch to go with my iPhone and iPads. I  like to tutor others on the joys of technology.

My husband, Dan, is the genealogist in the family specializing in North Dakota and Irish sources. He is very proud of his North Dakota pioneer roots. Chuck Boyle, his cousin, has curated many of his family history and stories under the Genealogy menu. His Federal career spanned 33 years in the Medicaid program.


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