iPad Arrived

Apr 16

I am probably one of the few over 65 folks pre-ordering an iPad. I tracked that shipment all the way from China and it arrived right when the UPS said it would on April 12.  Since I had to sign for it, I waited anxiously looking out the window all morning. The big brown truck pulled in front of my house about 1:30 p.m. and 15 minutes later, I was downloading all the APPS I had downloaded into iTunes a few days earlier.

I collected APP names from various lists of “must have” applications. The balance of the day was spent “playing” until the battery hit 15% late that night. Okay, it was midnight.

This device is so cool! I watched a movie on Netflix and read a few chapters of a book using the Amazon Kindle APP.  Would you believe, it downloaded the books I have previously purchased for the iTouch Kindle App and even took me to the last page I read?

I also played games, checked Twitter and Facebook, the AP and NY Times news, and checked mail without leaving the couch. I had the TV going in the background playing the DVR shows I saved up.

Now here I am five days later with 8 screens of APPS. I have one whole screen of games, most of them free. The games from the iTouch play very nicely on the bigger screen using the 2x button to enlarge the App.

I have fun with some “show and tell” at the AAUW meeting Tuesday night. In fact, I gave the public policy report reading from the Evernote App that syncs with my desktop. No need to print it out,  I was able to enlarge the font with the the two finger swipe.

This morning, I was sitting in the recliner in the sunroom drinking my second cup of coffee  and reading the NT Times on the iPad when the phone rang. A club number was wondering if I had a phone number for another member because she couldn’t take her to the meeting tomorrow (car trouble). I did indeed, I  tapped on the home key, found CONNECT which has my Google Documents in folders and found the roster list and gave her the phone number.

I offered to take both of them to the meeting and needed directions but  I had no pad or pencil handy. I selected SketchPad HD and wrote out her address using my finger. This certainly is the wave of the future.

I am using a wooden book rack as a stand and a bubble wrap envelope as a case. I did order the Apple case which arrives next week.

i am well pleased with my iPad. I think I will sell my MacBook since I do most of my “real work” on my iMac. I had been using the MacBook for couch surfing and travel and it hasn’t been touched all week.

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Ordered iPad

Apr 03

My new iPad should be shipped April 12. Yippee! I have been following the reviews, blog posts, twitter feeds and Facebook posts for days. I finally decided I would get by with the wi-fi version just fine. There are so many get APPS for the new device, it will be fine to play with them. This video from MacBreak Weekly does a great job explaining all the features.

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iPad Coming

Mar 12

Pre-orders for the Apple iPad toped 51,000 in two hours. today says Mashable.  That doesn’t even include orders for pick-up at Apple stores. I think it will revolutionize how we read, view photos and seek information. It is too soon to see how it will work the the regular folk. So many technical writers have been lamenting the lack of this feature or that. We have started to see articles about its potential.  I see the iPad as the device for the folks (like my husband) who want their computing device to work like the refrigerator. Open the door, the light goes on and you pick out what you want to use. My husband (age 76) has been lamenting for years, “Why can’t this machine work like a refrigerator.”As the sys op (System Operator) in the household, I am used to the tweaking and fixing required of a computer.
Many grandparents would be happy with an iPad instead of getting hand-me-down computers so the kids can send pictures of their grandkids playing T-ball. I did some computer tutoring down in Naples and I spent more time with PC folks making sure the PC didn’t have viruses, worms or malware rather than teaching the fun stuff. Just think how nice it would be to use an iPad to surf the web, do email, look at photos, etc. My parents would be a candidate for use. My dad, at age 93, could stay in his recliner to check email from the kids when his back is sore. He has DSL so a router would be easy to set up.
No longer do we have to have cables to attach iPods to the TV to show photos or show them on a tiny camera screen. Just pass around the iPad. The tech savvy older users can take the iPad on trips instead of lugging laptops along. I like that idea. I use my iTouch for reading books using the Kindle App, listen to music, play games and have multiple apps using Wi-Fi. Just think what it would be like on an iPad.
The iPad will be used in ways we can’t imagine today. I can hardly wait. My birthday is in April and I have my present already picked put.
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Wordcamp Atlanta Links

Jan 10

Here are the links to WordCamp Atlanta speakers websites, Twitter usernames, and slides or videos of their presentations. I got many of the initial links from tweets. I I changed the format to a .pdf file that can be downloaded rather than having it in the post.

WordCampAtlanta Links

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Home from WordPress Camp

Jan 09

I just returned from the Friday evening and all day Saturday WordPress Camp in Atlanta. The event was packed with useful session on design, content and development using WordPress. What a rewarding experience! I learned so much! The price was only $35 and we received great instruction from some of the leading lights in the WordPress community. We even got snacks and lunch. I tweeted along with the hundreds of others that “tweeted” using the free wifi at the Savannah College of Art and Design in Atlanta. I am reading through the stream now copying the links from the speakers for their presentations. Check it out at #wcatl on Twitter.

I was delighted that I understand much of the content at the sessions. Of course, I steered away from the real technical topics. There were many women in the crowd of about 300 which was encouraging. I figure I was the oldest one there. It was interesting to me to see all the Mac laptops and iPhones in the crowd. Some folks seemed to be “tweeting” more than listening to the speaker! I was using my iTouch until the battery gave out because I forgot to bring the power cord. I want to go to the next one.

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Going to Word Camp

Dec 13

I am so excited. Wordcamp is coming to Atlanta. It has been on my wish list to attend one.
I'm going to WordCamp Atlanta!

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