Jan 15

Where did the 29 years go? We celebrate another anniversary on January 16. It is great to be married to a man who supports my passions and hobbies and has an enthusiasm for travel, books, and politics like I do.

Dan Boyle & Ann MacKay

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Baltimore and Back

Sep 26

We took a week long trip to visit my parents and Dan’s daughters in September. Dan stayed with his daughter while I met my older sister in Baltimore. It was a good visit. We stayed in one of the guest rooms at Charlestown so we got a taste of retirement community living.

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Family Visit

Feb 24

Kaye, Dan, Ann

It is not often we get family coming for a visit so we were pleased that Kaye, Dan’s niece, came for her spring break. Duluth, Minnesota is a long way from Middle Georgia so we had to show her the sights. We visited the Big Peach Antique Mall, the Museum of Aviation, where Kaye and I rode the transporter motion simulator experiencing a F/A -18 Hornet launch and return to an aircraft carrier. Kaye had to have some southern cooking so we ate at the Waffle House, Fatz Cafe and Creekside Catfish. We did an overnight trip to Plains and Americus.

We toured the Jimmy Carter historic sites including his boyhood home on a cool but sunny day. Kaye was never cold but we had our winter jackets on. We stayed overnight at the Americus Garden Inn and enjoyed the hospitality of Kim and Susan, the innkeepers. This was our second visit and more enjoyable than the first. The breakfast included fresh baked blueberry muffins, Honeybell tangerine segments, choice of juice, and a hot entree. The egg and cheese pie was served with three oatmeal pecan pancakes. What a treat.

We headed to Andersonville, GA following the suggestions of Kim first visiting Gerald Lamby’s Drummer Boy Civil War Museum in the Civil War Village of Andersonville. There is a diorama of Andersonville prison which gives a representation of what it looked liked during 1864. The museum is a treasure of Civil War artifacts and 15 authentic Civil War uniforms on mannequins.

We then headed  to the Andersonville National Cemetery and prison site. Both are managed by the National Park Service. We watched the 28 minute movie about the prison before collecting the free audio CD to use while driving around the 26 acre site. After lunch back in Andersonville, we returned to the Welcome Center for the movie about POWs before touring the the National Prisoner of War Museum that opened in 1998. It is a moving experience learning about POWs from early times to present day.

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Traveler’s Rest B & B

Jan 28

Traveler's Rest B & B

We journeyed to Montezuma, Ga for an overnight at the Traveler’s Rest Bed and Breakfast. There was a town called Traveler’s Rest south of Montezuma which grew up around the ferry stop on the Flint River. It is fitting that the name carries on with the B & B.We were a few days late from our actual anniversary January 16, but it didn’t matter. We opted for the dinner at the inn and enjoyed salmon and cornish game hen in the dining room with candlelight and good company with another couple. Our Captain’s Quarter room was decorated in a nautical theme fitting the name of the room. We have three big windows facing the street with plenty of light. The large bathroom has a fancy jetted tub with lights and a built in radio. It was a very pleasant stay with Adele Goodman as the innkeeper who knows how to show good Southern hospitality.

We sat around the breakfast table enjoying our crepes with fresh fruit chatting with Karen from Colquit, GA. She was involved with the Swamp Gravy productions in that town for many years. She has great stories about how it got started and the stories about the town. We stayed at the B & B until 11:30 reading and playing with Charlotte the cat.

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Broken Bone

Aug 12

After walking around for three weeks with a sore right foot, the retired nurse finally went to the doctor and discovered she has a fractured fifth metatarsal. That this the the long foot bone attached to the pinkie toe. Now I am clunking around with this boot for four weeks. I hope it works so I don’t have to have surgery to connect the bones together for healing.

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Not Moving

Jul 28

We decided not to move to Virginia after all. The house is off the market and we have a decluttered house. It just wasn’t the right fit for us. We will stay here for awhile and put off the retirement community idea indefinitely.

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