CCRC Life Begins

Jul 04

Here we are a month later, moved in to Apt. 511 in the St. Charles at the large Charlestown Retirement Community. All in all, the packing and move went as arranged. Thank heaven, my cleaning lady for the past 6 years opened a thrift store on May 1. She took the furniture and other “stuff” to sell in her shop. Although she has been working full-time, she kept two of her old cleaning customers. Thank heaven that I was one of them. She cleaned  the house for the new buyers.

Now I will start another focus in my blog—life in a continuing care retirement community. But you are so young! So what, I want to live with ease and comfort. This is the place to get it (once all the boxes are unpacked.) It is the little things that make life easier. No more dragging out the trash can to the curb. I leave the sack outside my door. I call housekeeping and someone comes within minutes to take away the moving boxes. So far, this has happened four times.

We were issued emergency pendents and so far, security has arrived at our door twice and a phone call today. Until we got a land line, they knocked on our door to see if we are okay. I set it off once while wearing it around my neck. It must have  banged on a box while unpacking. Dan has managed to set it off twice, wearing it on his belt. We will have to figure something out.



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