Field of Honor

May 29

Ann and Dan registrationThe 4th Annual Field of Honor sponsored by Hubbard Funeral Home and Charlestown started with fireworks on Friday night followed by the 5K Race/1 Mile Walk on Saturday morning. Dan and I volunteered for race registration. It was fun to see the young fit men and woman come in for their race numbers and T-Shirts. We ran out of the small and medium size because of the many walk-ins. That should tell you something about the sizes of the runners. The first and second place winners from 2015 repeated this year.

Sara Nixon repeated winning the Charlestown resident best finish as well as first in her age range (60 – 69). We had the easy duty protected from the hot sun in the tent while other residents and staff were marshalls along the race route, at the water table, and at the finish line. The Philanthropy staff, Patti Santoni, Emily Fowler, and Brittany Owens were working hard to make sure everything happened on schedule. It did.

tapsAfter the race, the ceremony started with legislators, councilman, county executive, our own Charlestown veterans, and a military color guard. The ceremony ended with the lone bugler from the 229th Maryland National Guard playing Taps. As the last notes faded away all you heard was the wind flapping the 1,000 flags flying on the field.

The local FOX news was on hand. The video featuring resident Al Mederios is very well done.



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