Notebooks Can Be Addictive

Apr 26

notebookI like to read blogs about people that blog about their journalling experience. It may not be the best use of my time. I should be writing rather than reading. Some call it “notebook porn.” No, not that kind! Check out Pinterest to see what I mean.

I have collected notebooks and journals over the years. Did I write in them? Not so much.They were “too good” to write in. I have gotten better over the years.

I still have some half empty journals.That means the wool Black Watch tartan notebook wasn’t used for years when I started using it in 1987. After a few entries, I didn’t write in it until 2000. It still has many empty pages.

I bought a Clairefontaine journal at the Paper Patisserie store in the historic Dale-Selby area of St. Paul years ago. It is a 5 1/2 inches by 8 inches with grid lines. The paper takes a fountain pen very well. I try and visit this shop on my trips to my hometown. It is a trip back in time to review that notebook’s contents. It contains:

  •  1998 Creative Writing class notes
  • 1998 Elderhostel at St. John’s University and trip journal to Minnesota
  •  2002 Scotland travel diary
  • 2003 House sitting in Ajijic Mexico
  •  2004 Notes from Extension Classes about Gardening
  •  2009 Notes on selecting a realtor to sell our house in Warner Robins, the first time.
  • 2013 – Notes in preparation for teaching a Facebook class and Apple user group planning
  • 2013 – Trans-Atlantic Cruise in 2013 from Barcelona to New Orleans planning
  •  2014 Blog post ideas

There are still a few pages left.

There are many Moleskine notebooks stored away with the trip diaries. I find them too small for day to day activities.

I finally settled on Levenger Circa Junior size notebooks with lined pages. The paper works well with the fountain pens I like to use. The circa disks make it handy to add and remove the paper as needed.

Many people use multiple notebooks. I am no exception. They are:

  • The Planner with, calendar, To Do list, telephone notes, project notes, and travel planning. I have tabs between the sections. It is a Junior size Circa notebook.
  • Computer and WordPress Notes in a wired notebook
  •  Resident Council Notes in a Junior size Circa notebook. I use a page in the front as an index to the contents.
  •  Letter size Levenger Wired notebook for ELLIC or CCBC class notes. The grid lines are too dark for my taste. I don’t use it very often. I bought two on sale as least four years ago. One is still in the cello wrap.

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