This is Retirement?

Sep 17

I did get elected to the Residents’ Council and am assigned to chair the Communications Committee. So this is what retirement looks like at Charlestown. I am also going to physical therapy three times a week to work on a back issue.

  • Friday – Sales Expo, host Residents’ Council Table after preparing slide show and handouts the night before.
  • Saturday – prepare content for posters and handouts for Fruits of Our Labor Expo on Thursday. Work on items for Communications committee on Monday
  • Monday – attend Website committee and chair Communications Committee. Send out survey using  to Council members asking them to sign up to help at the Residents’ Council table on Thursday.
  • Tuesday – attend Dining Expo and Spiritual Book Club. Attend Book Review after dinner. Send out email reminder for the Apple User Group meeting.
  • Wednesday – set up table for the Apple User Group and Residents’ Council tables. Attend training session on operating AV equipment for Elderhostel Sessions
  • Thursday – attend Club and Organizations Fruits of Our Labor Expo and be at the Apple Table and make sure the Residents’ Table is covered.

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