Easy Grocery Shopping

Jul 09

George, the Shuttle Driver

So I needed a few groceries but I didn’t want to  fight for a parking place down at the Wilkens Plaza Giant. So I waited at the front of my building for the Giant shuttle that runs every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9:30 – 11:30. I bought my old Winn-Dixie bags and off I went at 10:40 am.  Now I have to get used to a new store and where are things but Giant makes it easier with a big digital sign hanging over  the main aisle listing the food item and aisle number. They also provide sheets by the main entrance filling the item and aisle number. I was back outside for a waiting shuttle by 11:10 am. The St. Charles was the first stop coming back on campus. George was the shuttle driver today. He takes your bags and leaves them inside the front door so you don’t have to struggle with grocery bags as you get off.

Since we don’t have to buy as many groceries (I wonder if we will ever use half the kitchen stuff we moved) I won’t have to load up with lots of groceries each week.

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House Under Contract

Jun 04

What a relief! We have a contract on our house. No more “show ready” clean up when we leave the house. No more open houses. Now the real work begins. Packing. We have some downsizing to do. Moving from 2000 square feet to 1298 square feet will require some adjustments. The hardest thing to give away? Books. They represent what I want to do. I know I won’t read some titles anytime soon. There are libraries in Baltimore. I can find them again. I can even download books with the Kindle App.

But books represent something more. Books represent the person I could become if I read certain titles and took the ideas to heart. They represent the culture I hope to understand and appreciate. They represent knowledge. So many things. But they must go. Do you realize how many pounds boxes of books add to the mover’s estimate. Besides, we won’t have the space. We have done this before. Our Houston Peach AAUW Branch benefits with our book donations.

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Another hot day!

May 25

Here we seat in our warm home with the air conditioner turned off. We called Bernie at Comfort Air to report that the temperature is rising steadily although the fan is running. After he had Dan go out to see  if the outside unit was turning, (it wasn’t) he had me turn off the air conditioner to stop any further damage. He is on his way from his current job. We have a service contract with Comfort Air and we know Bernie and his parents from church so it is so nice to have that relationship.

Our house is for sale so getting the AC fixed is a top priority. As I wait for the repair, I was remembering the days growing up without air conditioning. As the day progressed the hot sticky feeling would not leave. We  ran through the lawn sprinkler to cool off and were rewarded with home made Popsicles made from Kool Aid. We slept with the windows open hoping to catch a breeze in the still air. There were no performance fabrics to wick away moisture in those days.


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House Show Ready Stress

Apr 24

Some of the stuff given away.

Our casual lifestyle has required some adjustment now that our house is for sale. We have to be “show ready” every day. That means items have to be returned to their “home,” the bed has to be made perfectly, the kitchen counter has to be clear, the pillows on the couch straightened, stray coffee cups in the dishwasher, etc.

I am a visual person so my working materials are scattered around. Now I have to put everything away when we leave the house.

When we put the house on the market, we did major decluttering including giving away many books. I continue to go though our belongings looking for more “stuff” to leave behind. The  high quote for moving our “stuff” to Baltimore forced me to reevaluate the importance of what we own.

It has been helpful to read blogs about simplicity. I have been following several blogs using a RSS  reader. Here are some of the things I have learned about my stuff.

  • unclutter means not only putting stuff away or organizing but getting rid of items that no longer are important or are no longer used. Fortunately, my friend is starting a thrift store called New 2 U in Byron so she is getting most of the stuff. Our church rummage sale reaped the benefit of a good clean out of the kitchen including, the fancy food processor, baking pans, and dishes that will not be used.
  • unencumbered for me means not being weighed down with the unnecessary and unwanted. It means events, activities, commitments, besides stuff. There are several people blogging on this topic. Here is an example. http://becomingunencumbered.com/
  • understand what is important to keep or give away. I have been influenced by Don Aslett’s book Clutter’s Last Stand: It’s Time to De-Junk Your Life which I read years ago. What stuck in my head is his Genealogy of Junk which traces a “family heirloom” through the generations when it reality is was a thrift store item bought by great grandma. Just because it has sentimental value doesn’t mean you have to keep it. Dan gave his mother and father’s wedding clothes to a North Dakota museum. I scanned in photos from scrapbooks that were turning yellow and had the acid paper. I took photos of coffee mugs from a family reunion. Linen tablecloths purchased in Scotland and Ireland are going to a consignment shop. And the list goes on.


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Day Trip to Atlanta

Apr 10

Neal Reid Design, 300 Peachtree Road

We took our first trip with the Middle Georgia Memory Makers on April 9. Since my birthday has been 3 days before, Dan thought it would be a nice birthday trip. The ride to Atlanta went fast when all I had to do was read or nap. We left Warner Robins at 8 a.m and picked up the guide in Atlanta.

We spend the morning driving around the Buckhead area of Atlanta. I have been in the commercial session for the ASAE convention years ago, but this was the first time we saw the residential area. The winding tree lined streets and lots hid large mansion like homes behind hedges, iron fences and gates. We discovered that this area was country back in the 1920s when the first homes were  built.

One of the famous architects, Neal Reid, designed many of the homes in Buckhead. It was a beautiful sunny day perfect for sightseeing.

After a buffet lunch at the famous Mary Mac’s Tea Room we were off on the motorcoach for sightseeing around the downtown and midtown areas. Our final stop was to see the famous stained glass windows at the Peachtree Christian Church.

We were home by 5 p.m. after a nice day of easy sightseeing.

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Our Final Move

Mar 14


Entrance with Chapel in the background.

After six years in Georgia, we will be making a final move to Charlestown Retirement Community in Catonsville, MD. Catonsville is the next town to Baltimore and the borders touch. We will be moving to the same retirement community as my parents. We will be in another building. We will also be an hour away from the daughters.

The residents have a website at  http://ccicharlestown.org/. The Erickson Living website is at http://www.ericksonliving.com/catonsville/catonsville-senior-living.asp

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